Q: Will the ball markers fall off the club on the course or in my golf bag?

A: No, not only is it held in place with a patented slot there is a super strong magnet that ensures it will only come out when you slide it out.

Q: How do I get the grip on the putter or swap my old one?

A: Any golf shop or club retailer will do it for free or a nominal charge.  You can also DIY with a plethora of youtube resources out there.

Q: What type of feel do the putter grips have?

A: They all have a tacky moderately softer feel that provides the right amount of feedback and comfort.  The par 3 styles feature an embossed pattern so you can feel the groves of the pattern.  The par 4 features a dimple pattern throughout the grip.

Q: Are the grips high quality?

A: Our grips are made in the same factories as major manufacturers that have great quality, durability and feel.  We stand behind what we make, if there are any product defects we will happily refund you or provide a replacement.

Q: Can I return my grip after I have installed it?

A: No, however if there are factory related defects we will happily work with you to make it right

Q: How often should I change my grips?

A: Depending on frequency of play.  Once a season is a great rule of thumb to keep your clubs feeling great and in our case add some style to your look.

Q: Are the grip dimensions equal from top the bottom?

A: The putter grips are a "pistol" style that taper slightly as it gets closer to the shaft of the putter.

Q: How do I attach the bag towels?

A: There is an attached grommet with a D Ring clip allowing you to attach it to multiple places on your bag and create easy on/off.

Q: What are the dimensions of the bag towels?

A: 39 inches wide x 19.5 tall

Q: Can I wash the bag towel in the washing machine?

A: Absolutely, just wash it with dark colors.  Running it through the wash once will also soften the towel up.

Q; Will you be coming out with other products/styles?

A: We are just getting started, follow us on Instagram as we roll out new products and styles.